Pheromone Moments

Then at the final pheromone attraction moments of the first time that we met I tell this girl (lets call her Ana) that her way of talking seems very familiar to me. I told her that I recognise it (it was quite personal of me to say and I think it opened her up). A week later she shoots me a mail like message on Facebook about her new pheromone perfume and an article she wrote, it was about how to become more happy. I reply back suggesting for a meetup to use real pheromones. We meetup and we talk about all kinds of stuff and I noticed that she was attracted to me (FR1). I was attracted to her as well but I was curious to let things just ‘play out’ (going against the grain). It could be an excuse, it could not be, lol it could be laziness (that’s different from an excuse in the sense that it’s normally always anxiety based). Learn more at and

Anyway, eventually she ‘subtly’ confesses that she likes me and I eventually told her outright that I really like her. I told her outright, because if you think just like me (which she does IMO) then you need specifics, preferably in words. Then she told me that even though she likes me, she can’t kiss me because it’s her first time that she actually likes a guy and never kissed someone and doesn’t trust guys who use pheromone sprays in general. Just great… WTF? xD I really need to reconsider conclusions as “thinks just like me” But still her style of reasoning seems familiar and the way she ‘thinks up’ this pain seems familiar as well. So we just hug goodbye, it wasn’t a good hug which concerns me because it could indicate that she doesn’t need to know how to give affection. “I could teach her that” I thought. The message of the FR The third time we meetup something interesting happens when I apply my new pheromone cologne. We had a fun walk in the forrest, get back to uni and she gets tired. I then decided to step out of my own wants and needs, because I felt the situation could go terribly wrong if I’d stay in the “I like you so much” pheromonal mode. The situation was that she was so tired, but she likes me so much that she won’t go home to sleep. And it was clearly visible that she needed some sleep or to do some engaging activity. The last thing she needed was her sitting there besides me. So I shut down my whole craving for as much as I can (I learned to do this intuitively via meditation) and I start to ask myself: what are viable options for her to use natural pheromones? They came in mind as follows: 1. She could go home (10 min. away) and go to sleep to increase pheromone production. 2. She could do an engaging activity that lets her be awake but without me (I got stuff to do and had no idea of an engaging activity together). Learn more at