Hard Drive Recovery Birmingham

Problems with the following harddisk: that is a Segate – Backup Plus portable drive version: SRD00F1 PN: 1K9AP1-502 1 TB SN: NA7NWTCE i’m located in Birmingham. are you able to offer me with a quote for recuperating the information and possible restore?

Birmingham residents can use the data recovery service at http://guyfff.fotopages.com/?entry=10849830 to their advantage. Recovery services are available from hard drives and smart phones.

I dropped my HDD 1TB and my laptop is not able to study the contents of it.

unable to turn on HP Pavilion G6 pc computer running RAID (jogging windows 10). Ran device diagnostics from F10 because it starts up. effects are a HDD “

i have dropped my external difficult drive at the ground and it can not be read by the computer to any extent further. The tough power makes a noisy whirring noise while connected to the pc and there are a few documents that I would love to get over it.

i’m having a problem with my transportable difficult power that is RAID 5 WD My Passport. Due it is complete I think as in line with disk application on my Macbook seasoned. My macbook seasoned is operating extraordinary as new from almost twelve months in the past. after I plugged the passport pressure via usb, i’m able to experience the passport is spinning as like it is operating but now not performing up on desktop. i’ve tried to use first aid on the passport through Disk utility and it said failed. I don’t know why its failed. I suppose it become because last time while i exploit the passport was after I transferred the massive file of video editing into passport pressure. once I plugged the passport on subsequent use, thats how its started a hassle as no longer appearing up on computing device as i have struggled and tried to discover a way to make the passport to be mount on computing device to get get admission to to the files on difficult power. also it’s far possible with a purpose to email back to me instead of telephone name? it is because i am deaf so electronic mail is the exceptional way for to speak.

Suspected controller board failure on a WD1002fbys manufactured oct 2010

it is a drive with a separate base unit. there’s energy to the base but the force does now not respond. i have attempted a one-of-a-kind force on the first base (all good enough)and the defective power on a exceptional base. All to no avail

Nokia C101 telephone wont switch on hassle with electricity switch or battery terminal perhaps. Java sixty four mg. I want to retrieve textual content messages. can you help